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September 13, 2014

What were you doing yesterday? Well, I had a great time yesterday in Lancaster, Massachusetts. I showed up at the festival as a guest of the amazing Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli! It is always an honor to be in their presence, their love knows no bounds for one another and those lives they touch.

As I am strolling in to get my bracelet, I hear Charlie Farren playing guitar and singing one of his famous songs “Fool In Love” from when he was in the band Farrenheit. As I am walking towards the stage, I wave to him and in typical funny, Charlie fashion, he poses for me to get an “action” shot. Charlie is such a great guy and very down to Earth. He even takes pictures with his adoring fans (see below). Take some time out to check out his videos he posts on Charlie Farren's Facebook Fan Page you won’t be disappointed.

After Charlie was done performing, LDFA came to the stage to share with us one of their new songs off their new CD, entitled The Outside. As usual, Lori’s voice is smooth and melodious, while Fred’s playing is funky and rhythmic. The two of them are such an amazing duo on the stage and in life. They went into a favorite song of mine from their 3rd CD, the self titled, TRUE. I really enjoyed this rendition as Lori and Fred went back and forth with the verses. They did a few other tunes and continued to captivate the audience despite the rain coming down. To see their tour info, you can catch up with them at LDFA or on their LDFA Facebook Fan Page

Due to the weather, LDFA’s set was cut short and we moved inside where we were welcomed by the band Brother Sun – 3 talented men with harmonies that put a smile on your face. There was guitar playing, keyboards and more guitar! WOW, very powerful songs were sung. You can check out Brother Sun Facebook Fan Page

All in all, an afternoon/early evening well spent being entertained by some fantastic local musicians and friends of mine. Below are some photos from the performances, to see the full compliment, go to Wachusett Valley Music Festival Photo Gallery

At the bottom of the post are videos of some of the performances at the festival. ENJOY!!!

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LDFA - The Outside

Charlie Farren - Impossible World

Charlie Farren – You Are The Only One

Brother Sun – Trouble

Brother Sun – Jack Miller

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