May 18, 2014

Hurtsmile (Joe Pessia, Dana Spellman, Gary Cherone, Mark Cherone) & Nikilette Walker striking a pose. (Photographed by William Bowman)

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I had an incredible night tonight. We arrived at Santum Sound Studio in Boston, Massachusetts and heard the new Hurtsmile album, Retrogrenade before it’s release!! I haven’t seen Hurtsmile since 2011 collectively. In fact, I hadn’t met Gary Cherone until tonight, even though his photos adorn my website. Tonight was a night that I will not forget… cool. Imagine you are in a room with great artists you admire and respect for their many talents and they are sitting in the studio talking about each song in detail and answering our questions?????? Was a great feeling to be a part of something so special to the band as well as the fans. So, before our itching ears heard the album, we were handed out a sheet with the song list from the album and the band came into the sound room, talked about the songs and then left when we started listening so they could go to the other room where other fans were listening and waiting for the next 3 tracks with abated breath.

Gary Cherone autographing Nikilette Walker’s photo she took of him. (Photographed by William Bowman)

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Ok, Ok…….so I got a little excited to meet Gary….. I wasn’t star struck, but it was very cool to just chat with him and the rest of the band about the new album. In 2011 the last time I saw Hurtsmile, I photographed them at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts. I took the opportunity to ask him and the rest of the band sign photos that I took of them.

Mark Cherone autographing Nikilette Walker’s photo she took of him. (Photographed by William Bowman)

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Now, I did have the honor of hanging with Mark Cherone again. Mark is a really sweet and genuine guy. He is very caring and even remembered my personal stuff that I shared with him at the Live Turkey Jams concert back in Marlborough, Massachusetts, November 23, 2012. He’s an impressive guy. When we spoke in November 2012 he told me Hurtsmile was going to start recording the album and here we are listening to it! He sings one of the songs on the album – he’s got a great voice and kicks ass on the track!

Sean Fullerton & Hurtsmile (Photographed by Nikilette Walker)

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A surprise at the party, was running into local rock ‘n’ roll artist, Sean Fullerton. He was there for the meet and greet, with his brother Adam; but meeting was familiar territory for Sean with the band members. I was able to capture a group shot of Sean with the band.

Sean Fullerton, Nikilette Walker, Gary Cherone and Adam Fullerton -serious discussion! (Photographed by William Bowman)

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Peekaboo!!!! I was also captured in a photo with Sean and Gary. Big story told by Adam Fullerton………..Gary was definitely intrigued!

Hurtsmile (Joe Pessia, Dana Spellman, Gary Cherone & Mark Cherone) talking business (Photographed by Nikilette Walker

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Dana Spellman and Joe Pessia were so much fun to talk with. I loved the stories they shared about themselves and other members of Hurtsmile & Extreme. So, being the kinda gal I am – group photos!!!!!!!!!

I remember growing up, I was definitely into Rush, my fave band. I liked a few Extreme songs, but as I got older, I learned to appreciate the band more and more. Now, here we are present day to hear Gary (Extreme) and Mark (Flesh) – brothers playing new material with their 2 buds in Hurtsmile……….. it’s a little surreal. I can’t wait to get the album, yes I will be receiving 3 copies in the mail. There are 12 tracks on the album and I loved all of them. There is a feel from Zeppelin to the Ramones……………so you have to get this album, it is chock full of goodness.

Photos that Nikilette Walker took of each band member signed!!!!!!

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Had to add in one last photo of all the pictures signed…………..well, I had to….

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