September 27, 2014

There was hustle and bustle around 200 Stuart Street, Boston, Massachusetts Saturday night. It was the 4th evening of the 30th Boston Film Festival and sponsors Modere &  ESPN were there. 

There were laughs and warm greetings on the red carpet,  joining the Boston Film Festival were the directors of the 2 films showing that evening; Molly Schiot ( Our Tough Guy ) and Joe Lavine ( Playing for The Mob).  We even had the pleasure to have some of the stars of the documentaries join us, including Jim Sweeney and Ed McDonald (he was in the film Goodfellas).

Molly Schiot , Robin Dawson, Ed Mc Donald, Joe Lavine, Jim Sweeney

As things got warmed up, we had visitors from Dorchester, Massachusetts. Bob Wahlburg & his wife Gina. Bob had no problem jumping in for some fun photos with the Modere gang,  Robin Dawson (who works directly for the Boston Film Festival) and Molly Schiot the director of the short film, Our Tough Guy.

Bob could only stop by for a few photos because he had plans with Gina for the evening, but he did leave with a Modere parting gift for dropping by.  I bet Gina was pleased when he returned with a box of goodies for her. 

To see the full compliment of photos from the evening's event, visit the gallery Boston Film Festival 2014

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